At Advertising Higher we offer a wide variety of services to help you reach your Outdoor Advertising goals. Our highly trained staff can aide you in the process of erecting and maintaining your sign.

        IN HOUSE Billboard Manufacturing and Installation

o       Steel and Wood Pole Structures

o       City and State Permit Procurement

o       Registered Surveys (if required for permitting)

o       Engineer Drawings (All our Structures are Engineer per City/State Requirements)

o       Lights

        Billboard Vinyl Design, Printing, and Installation

        Banners Special Events, Baseball, etc.

        Sign Pole Manufacturing and Installation 


        LED/Digital Signage and Installation 

        Panel Free Frame Manufacturing and Installation 

o       Convert your existing Structure from Panels to Panel Free Frame

o       Easy Vinyl Install and Removal

o       Sustains Minimum Damage related to Storms/Hurricanes

        Existing Structures On or Off-Premise

o       Maintenance and Upgrades

o       Electrical Maintenance and Upgrades

        Storm Damage

o       Site Clean up   

o       Material removal          

o       Repair and Reinstall

        Structure Removals Reinstall

o       Work with TX DOT or other Municipalities

o       Remove structures for Reinstallation

o       Structure Storage (for up to 6 months)

o       Transport and Reinstall Structures           

When wanting to execute a project such as a Billboard, we understand that you need a company with the right experience and equipment to handle your project.  With Advertising Higher that is exactly what you will get. 

Here we are dedicated to providing professional, on time work.  Advertising Higher is your one stop shop for all your Outdoor Advertising needs.   Let our experienced and knowledgeable staff help get you started today.